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Orchitis is an inflammation of one or both of the testicles, commonly associated with the virus that causes mumps. About one third of males who contract mumps after puberty develop Orchitis. The other causes of Orchitis are usually bacterial including STIs such as gonorrhoea or Chlamydia.

The risk factors for sexually transmitted Orchitis include:

• High sexual behaviours
• Multiple sexual partners
• Personal history of gonorrhoea or another STD
• Sexual partner with STD

The risk factors for Orchitis not due to STD include:

• Regular UTIs
• Being older than 45 years
• Having problems of the urinary tract occurred at birth (congenital)
• Not being immunized against mumps
• Long term use of a Foley catheter
• Surgery of the urinary tract

What are the symptoms of Orchitis?

• Groin pain
• Fever
• Discharge from penis
• Blood in semen
• Pain with urination, intercourse or ejaculation
• Scrotal swelling

It's important to get vaccinated against mumps and practice safe sex behaviours which will help decrease the chance of developing Orchitis. If you experience any symptoms of Orchitis, contact your doctor immediately!

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