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4354 Osteomalacia



Osteomalacia refers to the softening or weakening of bones due to problems with bone formation or the bone building process often caused by a vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is an important nutrient that helps in absorbing calcium in the stomach. Low levels of vitamin D means that one cannot process calcium for use in the bones to give them structural strength. This can result from either a problem with diet, lack of sun exposure or a problem with the intestines.

Other conditions that may cause Osteomalacia include:

• Kidney failure
• Liver disease
• Disorders of vitamin D metabolism
• Cancer
• Side effects of medications used to treat seizures

In early stages, one may have no signs or symptoms of Osteomalacia although the signs of this condition may be apparent on X-ray pictures or other diagnostic tests. As this condition worsens, one may experience bone pain and muscle weakness. The aching pain commonly affects the lower spine, pelvis, hips, legs, and ribs.

Here are a few suggestions to help reduce one's risk of developing Osteomalacia:

• Eat foods high in vitamin D
• Spend a few minutes in the sun
• Ask your doctor about taking supplements
• Do some exercises regularly to help strengthen your bones

If you experience bone pain, contact your doctor for a prompt diagnosis!

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