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Ouch, It Pains A Lot

Ouch, It Pains A Lot

Feel tired? Feel the aches and pains? Well, the biological link between pain and fatigue, leading to easier treatment for arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, has just been discovered. Here are five ways to avoid stress-induced aches.

Keep the pillow date Sleeping 7 hours for men is fine. For working women, 8 hours is essential. There are biological differences; accept them. And you'll be pain free.

Leave it to the team Being a perfectionist has its drawbacks; one of the biggest being stress, which increases internal inflammation and, hence, pain. Delegate. Be known as a good boss who trusts the team.

Keep inflammation off your plate Fast foods, cold drinks, too many cups of tea or coffee, hard liquor and cigarettes, all cause inflammation. If 80% of your diet can be fruits, vegetables, oily fish (tuna, mackerel, salmon, sardines), nuts and seeds, complex carbohydrates, some green tea and an occasional red wine, you're pretty much on an anti-inflammatory diet. That will ensure you don't get even simpler stuff like hypertension (unless you're overweight or have other medical conditions).

Take the quarterly break A three-day weekend every three months is better than 15 days at the end of the year. For your body at least. Take the break. The company won't shut down. Your body may.

De-stress For some, it's reading. For others, it's music. Go find yours. There is ample research showing a direct physical connection between music and pain levels, pranayam and pain levels, yoga and pain levels. Whatever is your calling, just go and do it.

Reproduced from Outlook Business's Wellness Column by Rachna Chhachhi.

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