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Overcome your Sweet Cravings!!!

Overcome your Sweet Cravings!!!

   Do you really enjoy eating sweets or do you simply have a sweet tooth? If you are one of those with a sweet tooth and are trying real hard to get over it for a few obvious reasons, this piece of reading could help you! It is simply because humans are predisposed to like sweets for a variety of reasons. You can blame your genes for the same or the conditioning you received every time you were rewarded with that sweet as a child.

So how do you overcome a sweet craving?

Overcoming a sweet craving is no doubt very difficult but not highly impossible. You can date back your cravings for sweet to your childhood. But you can overcome the same by realizing that you are obliged to eat healthier now as an adult.

If you also crave for sweetened soft drinks, replace them with sugar-free colas to curb your cravings. Once you get accustomed to sugar substitutes, you may find foods made with real sugar to be too sweet to enjoy. Once you find real sugar to be too sweet, you are on your way to overcoming sweet cravings.

If you are used to storing sweets and sweetened beverages in your kitchen or the refrigerator and look for it at night, you can try the "cold turkey" approach. Remove them all and make up your mind not to replace them ever again. You will have enough time to rethink before you refill them again.

You can also avoid foods that trigger cravings for sweets. For example, eating something salty, spicy or fried could trigger a sweet craving. Introduce sweet flavors to your meal to curb your craving after eating those foods that trigger sweet cravings.

It may not be possible for a few people with an extraordinary sweet craving to overcome by sheer willpower. Such people can look out for healthier substitutes! You can also indulge in guilt-free smaller proportions of your favorite dessert if you understand the word "moderation". Talk to your Dietician and get a few quick fixes for your sweet cravings...

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