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Ovulation Calculator-Know the Right Time for you!

Ovulation Calculator-Know the Right Time for you!

Any woman trying to conceive needs to be aware of her fertile days. By fertility days, we mean the period in her cycle during which ovulation takes place. It is important as in this period the woman produces fertile eggs and so intercourse at this time will increase the chances of conception. The ovulation calculator helps you predict the approximate dates of ovulation. Any ovulation calculator has two parameters: one is the date of the last menstrual cycle and the other parameter being ideal duration of one menstrual cycle. By mentioning these parameters you will be able to calculate your ovulation period.

A normal and regular menstrual cycle starts anywhere between 28 to 30 days with the first day being the start of the menstruation period. If your cycles vary by five days before or after the date, the ovulation calculator calculates your ovulation days accordingly.

But if your menstruation cycles are constantly irregular, you cannot depend on the ovulation calculator alone. Instead, you can go for an advanced ovulation predictor kit to estimate your ovulation days.

Remember that the ovulation calculator is not always accurate, it is just an estimate. You can always take the assistance of your gynecologist to help you predict your ovulation more accurately. So go ahead and find out the right time of ovulation for you!


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