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Pack a Lunch With Punch

Pack a Lunch With Punch

Moms and dads, you know the drill: It’s back-to-school time, and that means packing healthy lunches that your kids will actually want to eat—all before dashing out the door yourself. All parents are aware that good nutrition is essential for good health of their children. Most parents would like to spend time in planning their child's lunch boxes but don't do so because of lack of time or fussy eating habits of the child. Fat, sugar, salt and refined foods dominate the lunch boxes in the form of potato chips, chocolates, cheese, white bread, soft drinks, etc.

Since good food has a direct effect on a kid's mental and physical growth, parents must constantly monitor the nutritional value of their kid's lunch. Here are some tips for packing a good tiffin box for your child.

 Recent research confirms the co-relation between good nutrition and high academic performance.  Good food helps to boost a child's school performance by stabilizing blood-sugar levels, which further leads to increased energy and balanced moods. A healthy, well-balanced lunch therefore can go a long way to improve a child's mental acuity in school.

Here are some suggestions for preparing a visually appealing and calorie-rich meal.

• Fresh fruit along with the meal

• Whole wheat bread sandwich with vegetable & paneer filling

• Whole wheat pasta with vegetables & sprouts

• Chaats - fruit chaat / aloo chaat / vegetable chaat / bhel puri

• Frankie - vegetable + paneer or egg + vegetable

• Idli or dosa with chutney

• Dal chillas with chutney

• Whole wheat burger bun with non-fried vegetable patty + tofu

• Non-oily paratha with raita

• Sprout and vegetable salad with herbed rice

• Pizza made out of whole wheat bread base with vegetable and tofu toppings

• Boiled and spiced corn + chickpeas + vegetables

• Water or unsweetened fresh fruit juice to drink

Pack a well-balanced and nutritious meal for your child. A healthy child will build a healthy future.

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