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Pains that you shouldn't ignore!

Pains that you shouldn't ignore!

Pain is a way of your body telling you to pay attention when something is wrong. Not every pain is an indication of an emergency; but there are some mysterious pains that one shouldn't ignore especially when they linger longer than usual.

Here are some pains you shouldn't ignore:

1. Chest Pain: If you feel a sudden and severe onset of pain in the chest that doesn't seem to go away, radiates to the neck, jaw and left shoulder and shortness of breath, you should make it a point to seek immediate medical care especially if you are at a risk of heart disease.

2. Headache: Headaches often appear as a sudden clash of thunder, with some descending fast. There are chances that it could be a migraine. But if it isn't accompanied by migraine symptoms such as visual aura, then the pain can signal a brain aneurysm. If the headache causes a blinding pain, it could be a sign of stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA). Other signs of TIA & stroke usually involve cognitive and neurological hitches such as trouble walking, speaking and dizziness.

3. Lower-back Pain: This is one of the most common pains people experience and often ignore. Back pain is the leading cause of job related disability. Back pains can be caused due to several other reasons. Sometimes, lower-back pain can be a symptom of kidney trouble such as kidney stones which usually passes on its own. Being watchful of your lower-back pain from becoming chronic can help you save your kidney and your life.

4. Burning sensation in hands & feet: When you keep your legs crossed for too long and you experience a tingling sensation, you may be interfering with blood circulation. This tingling sensation usually goes away once you walk or stand for a while. However, if this tingling and burning sensation continues even if your legs are not folded, it could be a sign of nerve damage. Symptoms include tingling, burning sensation and numbness leading to peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy has many causes. Vitamin B12 deficiency, alcohol abuse, injury, infections, toxins, and other disorders such as Shingles are some of them. Seek treatment so that you can avoid opening doors to new problems.

5. Testicular Pain: Anything from hernia to cancer can cause testicular pain. Inflammation of the epididymis ( a coiled tube located in the back of each testicle)can also cause testicular pain. Ignoring testicular pain hoping that the pain goes away may cause you to lose a testicle. So get help as soon as possible!

6. Abdominal Pain: Whenever your stomach starts churning and doing summersaults after having a meal that was left on the buffet for far too long, you know what's causing the discomfort. Whereas, other times there's no apparent cause for your pain. Trouble with nearby organs such as lungs, kidney or the uterus could result in discomfort. Ache in your lower right abdomen may mean that your appendix is inflamed, whereas upper right abdomen pain could be a problem with the gall bladder. On the other hand, upper abdominal pain accompanied with upper back pain may be a sign of pancreatitis. To avoid complications, seek medical care at the earliest.

So, if you are experiencing any of the pains mentioned above, it's time to get yourself checked and not shrug it off! Remember "Prevention is always better than cure".



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