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Paneer is a fresh cheese of Indian origin. It is an un-aged, acid-set, non-melting crude cheese made by curdling heated milk with vinegar, lemon juice or any other food acid. It has high quality protein that could be beneficial for people of all age-groups

Nutritional info of paneer:

Paneer is a rich source of protein and is used as a meat substitute in many Indian dishes. It is also a rich source of energy, fat, calcium and phosphorous.

Nutritional Value Of 100g Of Paneer
Energy 265 kcal
Protein 18.3 g
Fat 20.8 g
Carbohydrates 1.2 g
Calcium 208 mg
Phosphorous 138 mg
Mineral 2.6 g

Health benefits of paneer :

  • Paneer is rich in calcium and helps to maintain strong bones and teeth. Due to its low lactose content, it prevents teeth from getting decayed due to harmful sugars.
  • Paneer also helps to prevent osteoporosis due to its calcium content.
  • Paneer in moderation is associated with lower body weight as well as reduced risk of developing insulin resistance syndrome.
  • It is a good source of protein and reduces cancer risk.
  • It is known to enhance blood formation, strengthen the liver and facilitate absorption of nutrients
  • It helps prevent stomach disorders in people as they grow older
  • It helps prevent and reduce back and joint problems.

Myths about paneer :

  • Myth : Paneer will make you fat.


  • Fact : Paneer is rich in protein and the fat content is the same as milk. Raw paneer in moderation will help in weight loss. It is also rich in calcium which helps to maintain strong bones and teeth and to prevent osteoporosis.


  • Myth : Diabetics should not eat paneer.
  • Fact : Paneer helps to reduce the risk of developing insulin resistance syndrome. This syndrome is associated with obesity, hypertension, glucose intolerance and type 2 Diabetes mellitus. Hence, it helps to tackle the problem of insulin dependent diabetes.

Tips to include paneer in your diet :

  1. Paneer can be added to curries/gravies without frying.
  2. It can be crumbled and added to paranthas along with vegetables
  3. Snacks like sandwich, salad etc can be prepared by adding paneer.


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