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Pedestrians! Make Yourself Safe

Pedestrians! Make Yourself Safe

Walking on roads these days can be really unsafe. There are vehicles moving in all directions – even on the footpath, sometimes! Here are a few tips that you should follow as a pedestrian…

  • Walk facing the oncoming traffic
  • Walk on the pavement only
  • Think ahead and plan the shortest and safest way to your destination.
  • Wear light colored clothes at night to ensure your visibility to the vehicle driver.
  • Follow these six steps while crossing the road.
  1. THINK-Is this a safe place to cross? Can I see all the traffic properly? Make sure you are not hidden behind a parked car.
  2. STOP- At the edge of the road where you have decided to cross.
  3. LOOK & LISTEN- To see if there is any traffic coming, look both ways, many times.
  4. WAIT- For road to be clear and all the traffic to pass.
  5. CROSS-Walk straight across the road. DO not cross diagonally.
  6. KEEP LOOKING & LISTENING- Keep looking as you cross the road until you get to the other side.
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Never use earphone or cell phone while crossing the road

4 Months ago