Performing Sex - Good or Bad?

  • 102 Months ago
Performing Sex - Good or Bad?

The word sex means a lot for many of them. Sex adds spice to our personal and professional life. Sex is performed for many reasons; some perform it to show their love, some for their off springs and some for relieving stress. Sex has its emotional reasons too. It helps bonded love to turn into a long lasting relationship.

There are many more benefits of sex. Let's talk about it:

Sex burns calories: I know this is happy news for weight watchers. Thirty minutes of sex will burns 85 Kcal of energy. Yes, it sounds too good to lose weight like this, but anything over doing is bad.

Sex eases depression: According to many studies sex reduces depression and relieves stress. Sex is called as "natural anti depressant" which will make you relax and rate of depression falls down.

Sex increases immunity: Having sex means increasing your physical activity. Sex is proved to improve the activity of Immunoglobulin A (IgA) which will protect the body from cold and infections. And hence having better immunity power.

Sex gives intimacy: You and your partner would have fought and feels like you guys need a break from each other. The action sex performed will refresh your love and also relieves stress. The intimacy between you two improves, clears your mind and can plan things better.

Sleep and sex: The hormone oxytocin released during sex has proved to contribute for better and relaxed sleep.

You are still a youth: Sex will make you feel you are still a young chap. It will make you younger and more energetic.

Sex and heart health: Sex will relieve stress and your blood flow will not have any obstructions. Due to this the stress on the heart decreases and thereby keeping the heart healthy. It is also said that it lowers the blood pressure range, hence good for people with high blood pressure.

Sex and cancer: Sex improves immunity and hence chances of cancer will be less. Studies have proven that for those whose sex rate is normal is less likely to get cancer in later stages of their lives.

Besides all these benefits, there are some bad effects too. Too much of anything is too bad. Sex should be the result of love and not by force. Sex increases stress and depression if done by force.

Performing sex weekly twice will give you benefits mentioned above. Talk to your sexologist or gynecologist to gain more knowledge about sex. Be loyal to your partner. Love your partner as they are.