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Pot Painting - A Choice of Art for Children

Pot Painting - A Choice of Art for Children

Everybody has hidden talent. All it needs is some time and a less stress-full life to bring it on. Hobbies make us feel good, promote healthy living and has an overall benefit on health as well. Pot painting is one of those hobbies that many of us have tried at some point and continue doing so too!

Numerous studies and research have found that people who paint on a regular basis are usually less anxious, have a healthier self-esteem level and are less prone to illness. Don't you think it's a good art for children to learn? For children, pot painting can benefit them in terms of creativity, understanding concepts and learning new finger and hand movements. These have a positive effect on their dexterity and can help develop their eye-hand co-ordination.

For us, pot painting can be a way to bust our stress, add more colour and creativity to our homes and keep our mind off clutter and stress. A statistical analysis on health data showed that people who participate in cultural activities, such as painting, was highly associated with life satisfaction, good health, lower anxiety and depression.

A wonderful hobby can turn into a profitable profession any day. You need not be a great painter; it's all about your internal satisfaction that matters.



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