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Pre-cum! Do you need to be worried?

Pre-cum! Do you need to be worried?

Pre-cum or pre-ejaculate is the clear liquid that seeps out of the penis when a male is aroused and just before ejaculation occurs. This fluid is released from the cowpers gland, located at the top of the urethra. The fluid helps to reduce the acidity of the urine in the urethra, thus allowing the sperm to survive and acts like a lubricant for the sperm to be released when ejaculation occurs. Most males have no control over it and cannot feel it coming out while some do not produce it at all.

So does the pre-cum contain sperms that could make you pregnant? Typically the pre-cum does not have sperms in them. However, if ejaculation has occurred, either by masturbation or sex with a partner, there are chances for sperms to be left over in the urethra. These sperms can survive for about 3-4 days and during unprotected vaginal intercourse, can travel through the urethra, and be released into the pre-cum. This pre-cum if released into the vagina, could come in contact with an egg and fertilize it, leading to pregnancy.

The fix? Urinating before and after an ejaculation can help to eliminate sperms from the urethra. This will ensure that the pre-cum is sperm-free. Moreover, the pre-cum can contain infectious agents like HIV, gonorrhea bacteria and others that could cause sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
Hence, to play it safe, contraceptive aids would be beneficial in not just avoiding pregnancy but also in preventing the spread of STDs.


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