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Pregnancy after a Miscarriage

Pregnancy after a Miscarriage

Losing your baby in a miscarriage after conception is definitely very traumatic. But, remember it is not the end of the road. In fact the chances of having a healthy baby the second time is more. Read below to get all your doubts cleared about pregnancy after a miscarriage.

Most miscarriages happen during the early stages of pregnancy and only about 1-2% happens after 12 weeks of gestation.

You can start planning your next pregnancy 2-3 months after a miscarriage. Utilize this time in the best possible way to prepare your body and mind for the next conception.

An ultrasound scan is usually advised after a miscarriage. Extensive tests and scans are performed on both the partners if you have had multiple miscarriages. Follow your Doctor's advice and also the below tips to prepare yourself for the next pregnancy:
• It is time to move your body and indulge in a regular 30minutes exercise regimen.
• Follow a balanced diet and start with nutrient supplements if your Doctor asks you to go for one.
• Relax and keep your stress levels low.
• Stay away from smoking and alcohol.

Do not worry too much. Just give your life another chance...

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