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Pregnant?! Surprise Your Husband With the News!

Pregnant?! Surprise Your Husband With the News!

Pregnancy starts a whole new chapter in your life. And you might want to convey this news to your husband in a nice way. Here are some fun ideas to tell him that he is going to be a father!

• Print a custom made "Dad to be" T-shirt or just serve him his morning coffee in a new "Dad mug" when he wakes up in the morning. I bet that will be his best morning ever!
• Alternatively, you could plan a special dinner by using ‘baby theme' and use ingredients like baby potatoes, baby carrots and baby corn and serve them in small plates and glasses and you could place your pregnancy test result in the middle of the table and surprise him.
• Play Scrabble and spell you are pregnant.
• You can write "Soon to be Daddy" or ‘I am pregnant' note with your lipstick on your bathroom mirror before he wakes up.
• Try to take a photo of your husband instead of saying, "Say Cheese," say "your name" s pregnant!" and capture that moment for ever.
• Bake a cake and let the icing of the sugar be with words like ‘mommy' "daddy' and "baby'.
• Fill your top with a pillow and ask him how you look and tell him this is the way you will look in a few months.
• Wrap your pregnancy report in an attractive paper and hand it over to him once he is back from work.

Now tell your love about the little one's arrival in a special way which he deserves!!!!!!


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