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Preparing for IVF

Preparing for IVF

"IVF has the potential to be physically, emotionally and financially exhausting experience due to the ‘high stakes' and ‘end of line' nature of this particular treatment". Hence the patients need to be well prepared before beginning the process.

If you are considering IVF, here are some tips to help you get ready for the IVF:

Gather information and plan ahead: Being well educated and informed about the IVF process, the more you understand the process, the less stress you may feel.
Prepare for decision-making: It is important to foresee the decisions that you may need to take during IVF and discuss your options ahead of time.
Tend to your psyche and your relationships: It is important to be emotionally stable and strong and have your relationship with your partner on solid ground before starting an IVF cycle.
Garner your support: Be sure and decide in advance who you would like to tell about the procedure and who will give you the support you need because friends and family can be your best support or they can be your worst. Consider joining an IVF support group, other infertility self help organizations and the internet is also a ready source of infertility support and information.
Identify your stresses and your coping mechanisms: Exercise, stress management classes all these can help you manage your stress levels and deal with the treatment procedures. You will need to have support from your partner, family members, close friends, and in some instances a counsellor or a psychiatrist.
Decide what you have control over and what you don't: This is not a time to make important decisions such as changing your job. Avoid major undertakings at work and make your life as simple as possible during the cycle.
Anticipate problem areas: Be prepared for possible changes and difficult times during your cycle, such as waiting period after transfer and the day you will get the results.
Look past this cycle at the beginning: It is easy to know how you will feel if the treatment is successful and you become pregnant. You must also understand that if you are unsuccessful in becoming pregnant, you cannot get away from sadness and disappointment. Think about the number of cycles you are willing or able to do and how much money will be involved in the treatment.

No matter what the outcome of the IVF, you need to understand that you have succeeded in doing all that is within your power to have a child and feel good about yourself. Having done so minimizes future regrets.



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