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Protect Your Back!

Protect Your Back!

Our bodies undergo an immense deal of stress and changes during our lifespan. The last thing it needs is additional stress that is caused by improper bending, lifting or even getting out of bed.


The lower back and the sacroiliac joints that are located at the lower back on each side of the spine are mainly vulnerable to stress. Lifting heavy objects incorrectly or twisting can place unnecessary stress on this area of the body, which is already susceptible to aches, injuries and pains. This is the reason why it is essential for one to learn how to use the mechanics of his or her own body, whether picking up clothes off the ground or carrying a heavy box.


Your leg muscles are stronger than you back muscles, so use them! Here are some simple techniques that will help keep your spine healthy:


• Squat or kneel down to pick up items off the floor.
• Make it a point to always use your legs while lifting. Bend at the knees not from the waist.
• Hold the objects close to your body as you carry them.
• When you're holding anything heavy in your arms, avoid twisting your waist. Turn your entire body instead.
• Adjust your work areas such as tables, to a height that allows you to stand up straight without leaning over.
• Exhale and tighten your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles as you lift.
• While getting out of bed, roll onto your side first and then push with your hands to come to an upright position. Then, come to a kneeling position and place one foot forward on the floor. Place your hands on your forward knee and use your legs and arms to push yourself to a standing position.
• While bathing a pet or a child, kneel next to the bath tub. If you're using a sink, stand up straight bending over as little as possible. Then place one foot on a stool or open the sink cabinet in front of you. This will lessen the stress on your lower back.


These techniques might seem like commonsense, but when you're tied up or when you're just not thinking about it, it's very easy to make mistakes here and there. Hence, just because your back isn't hurting now, it doesn't mean you aren't causing any harm to it. Protect your back now so that you can take pleasure in all the experiences that life has to offer.

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