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Sauna, Steam Bath and Weight Loss

Sauna, Steam Bath and Weight Loss

Does sauna or steam bath make you lose weight? NO!

When you sit through a sauna or a steam bath, you perspire. This means you lose some amount of water from your body. If you stand on a weighing scale before and after a sauna or steam, you might see a slight drop in weight. This weight loss is only temporary. The lost weight will come back when you drink water or any other beverage.

Body fat does not melt away when you sit in an externally heated environment. Body fat will melt only when the heat is generated internally through exercise. So, go ahead and move your body to reduce your weight and fat.

Sauna and steam baths are good to reduce stress and relax your mind. They also soothe your muscles especially after an exercise session. Don’t forget to stand under a cool shower or take a dip in the pool after a sauna or steam bath.

Sauna and steam baths are contraindicated in people with high blood pressure, heart problems, excessive alcohol intake, etc. If you have a health problem, check with your physician before you plunge into a sauna or steam bath.

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