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Select The Best Clothing During Pregnancy

Select The Best Clothing During Pregnancy

Now that you're pregnant and growing in size, you may be losing some sleep at night wondering how you're going to get through pregnancy without compromising on your sense of style! Understanding how your body changes during each stage of pregnancy, as well as what your specific clothing needs are, will help you determine what clothes you should wear during your pregnancy.

Here are a few tips that might help you:

Dressing during the first trimester:Few women during the first three months of pregnancy may not look pregnant, so the knowledge that you will be able to continue wearing your regular clothes most of the time during the first trimester may be a relief. During these first three months, take some mental notes about the clothing you tend to wear, including the colors and styles. If you normally wear a lot of blue tops, then you'll want to continue that trend throughout your pregnancy. Similarly, if you work in an office, then you'll obviously need some professional, stylish clothing (in addition to casual clothing) that seamlessly transitions you through your pregnancy.

Dressing during the second trimester:Your second trimester of pregnancy marks that stage where you look pregnant but are too small for most maternity clothing. The key feature to look for in clothing choices during this stage is stretch. Mid-pregnancy is all about transition. Skirts and pants with elastic waistbands or drawstrings prove to be especially helpful during the second trimester, as well as longer sweaters and jackets, loose shirts, and leggings. The key is to acquire clothing that gracefully drapes on your body without putting too much focus on your belly. Don't go out and splurge on pregnancy clothing during this trimester since most clothing that fits at this point will be too small in your third trimester.

Dressing during late pregnancy:Now that your belly is so obvious, late pregnancy is your time to revel in your condition. Since there are so many options out there in the world of pregnancy clothing, you need to streamline your wardrobe; after all, you'll only be wearing these clothes for a few months, so there's no reason to break the bank. It is suggested that you base your clothing selections on your lifestyle and your preferred non-pregnant clothing choices at this time.

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