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Shopping During Pregnancy

Shopping During Pregnancy

Shopping for maternity clothes during pregnancy is not so easy because your body changes every single day.

Here are some tips to help you:

1.Shop early: Not every mother-to-be will find the best maternity clothes during pregnancy. The idea is to buy these clothes when you see them even if you think you are too small to fit into them. As months progress, these clothes will fit into your wardrobe and you will be faced with less stress over shopping for maternity clothes once the time sets in.

2.Choose the right size: Mothers who are pregnant with one baby can often choose maternity clothes in the same size they are currently wearing. Ideally, the weight gained will be in the tummy area and upwards which is taken care of by maternity clothing. Mothers of multiples may have to add a size or two.

3.Thick layers: With the additional weight and hormone load, layers are the best option for mums to be. The best layers allow mum to wear comfortable stretchy clothes under the more formal wear for work or a night out with their family or friends. Layers are also great when the mornings are cooler and the afternoons are warm.

4.Breathable fabrics are best: No one likes to sweat. Even slight sweating can get to you when you have a baby wrapped around your arms! Breathable fabrics like cotton are the best choice as the skin is allowed to breath.

5.Stretch is good: There are plenty of maternity clothes that are in cotton. Cotton is a very forgiving fabric but may tend to stretch out over time and fall off the belly unless there is a bit of spandex woven into the material. Spandex is a kind of fabric. Try looking for this stretch material or you could stick to plain cotton.

6.Dressing it up: Pregnant women also love to look good. If you have the perfect pair of dress pants but your tummy has long outgrown the waist, try pants with an expanding waistline. They are very comfortable too.

7.The underside of things: Not only does outerwear come in maternity sizes but underwear as well. Panties can be purchased in larger sizes to accommodate the growing belly as can bras. It is important to buy only one pack of panties or two bras at a time during pregnancy as the tummy and breasts will continue to grow up until delivery.

8.Those last few weeks: As the gestational period comes to an end, some mothers will want to permanently hang the pants in the closet. This is the time to wear only those comfortable skirts and dresses that were once worn only on lounge days. These clothes may make you feel better and going to the bathroom frequently requires less work.


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