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Sleepy after lunch??

Sleepy after lunch??

How many times haven't we wished to sleep just for half an hour after lunch? We can somehow manage on the weekends, but weekdays are a different story altogether! The reason for feeling sleepy soon after a meal is this: When we eat, the energy is diverted to our digestive system for digestion. This relaxes and slows down the rest of our body.

Here are some tips to avoid sleep after lunch:

Have a healthy breakfast: It has been found that having a healthy breakfast prevents you from eating unhealthy food at lunch time and keeps your energy boosted from morning.

Avoid junk food for lunch: Junk food is filled with fats, sugars and calories which make you low and grumpy which is almost impossible to get out of!

Avoid heavy meals: More food means more energy required to digest it, which in turn, means less energy to your brain.

Avoid empty calories: Empty calories are sugars and refined flour which do not provide any nutrients other than calories.

Avoid alcohol at lunch as it is a sedative.

Avoid caffeine: Though caffeine is known to keep you alert, over time, you will have to increase the dosage of caffeine to keep you awake which is not a good sign.

Have a mid-morning snack: A small mid-morning snack will keep your metabolism high and will prevent you from over-eating during lunch.

Get proper sleep: If you are sleepy every day after lunch, it could be a sign of a lack of sleep. Catch up on your sleep to avoid sleepiness after your meal.


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