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Snack Ideas for Kids

Snack Ideas for Kids

Children often clamor for snacks and the easiest way to keep them quiet is to offer them chocolates or candies or a bag of chips.  But are these the right choices? 

As a parent you would want the best and the healthiest snacks for your kids.  Some healthy options are given here.  Do share your list of healthy snacks with our readers.

  1. Mini Pizza - make these with a mix of whole wheat flour and maida.  Top the pizza with veggies and cheese OR veggies and paneer.
  2. Corn Masala - boiled corn with masala and veggies.
  3. Fruit & Aloo Chaat - mixture of seasonal fruits and boiled potato with chaat masala.
  4. Steamed sprouts with lime, salt and pepper.
  5. Crisp Dips - strips of raw crisp carrots, colored peppers, cucumber, celery and beetroot with curd and babaganoush dip.
  6. Nutty Meusli - meusli mixed with variety of nuts and dry fruits.
  7. Peanut Salsa Sandwich - whole wheat bread with peanut butter and salsa.
  8. Crackers & Eggs - low fat crackers topped with boiled egg slices and cherry tomatoes or berries.
  9. Fresh Fruit Smoothie - seasonal fruit with curd, topped with almonds.
  10. Pita Sandwich - pita bread filled with salad and hummus. 
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