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Solutions For Swollen Feet in Pregnancy!

Solutions For Swollen Feet in Pregnancy!

As pregnancy progresses, you would notice how a few symptoms become part and parcel of pregnancy. One among them is swelling of the ankles and feet. Though swollen ankles are normal in gestation, it is a frustrating woe for many pregnant women. In pregnancy, excess fluid and the pressure from the growing uterus can cause swelling or edema in the legs, ankles or feet. Hormonal changes might also play a role in this.

This is quiet common and generally subsides after delivery. But, if there is a sudden swelling of face or hands it might be a sign of a condition called ‘pre-eclampsia'.

Try these simple steps to reduce swelling in your ankles:

• Do not stand for long periods.
• Stretch frequently when sitting for long hours.
• Prop up your feet with a support while you are sitting and avoid crossing your legs.
• Try to lie on your left side while sleeping.
• Exercise or walk regularly. (To be done only after consulting with your doctor)
• Foot massages also help in reducing swelling of feet in pregnancy.

Some modifications in diet can also help you to reduce swelling.

• Drink plenty of liquids. Water retention reduces with increased liquid intake!
• Restrict salt intake in your diet. Avoid pre-packaged foods and foods that are highly processed.
• Some foods like tender coconut, watermelon, barley, apples, peas and citrus fruits improve kidney functioning and act as natural diuretics.
• Avoid putting on too much of weight. Aim for a healthy weight gain and eat at a balanced diet.
• Avoid high fat and sugar concentrated foods that contribute to unhealthy weight gain.

Though swelling is common in pregnancy, do not ignore if the swelling is:

• Sudden and severe.
• Swelling in one leg with pain and tenderness in the calf or thigh. It can indicate a blood clot or other underlying condition.

If the swelling is consistent and is bothering you, consult with your doctor for evaluation and treatment.

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