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Status and Stress

Status and Stress

Sleep is an important part of our routine. Getting a good night's sleep will help you stay active through the day. Sleep has many other benefits as well. It helps to promote weight loss, maintain healthy skin tone and hair, aids in good digestion, and reduces stress. Sleeping is also associated with many factors; one of them is hygiene! Here are some of the hygiene habits you will have to follow for a healthy, good night’s sleep: • Establish a regular sleep and rise time. • Take a bath and brush your teeth before you hit the bed.  • Establish a good bed environment; clean your bed spread, pillows, and other things on the bed every day.  • Don't eat or drink any caffeine products such as chocolate or coffee before going to bed. These might induce disturbed sleep.  • Don't drink alcohol before bedtime.  • Avoid using any kind of drugs to go to sleep. Consult your doctor before you make it a habit.  • Eat or drink one hour before you go to bed. This will avoid digestive problems such as acidity and gastritis. Follow hygiene habits to promote healthy sleep. Make sleep an enjoyable experience!

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