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Stress and Fertility

Stress and Fertility

If you are having difficulty in conceiving, stress may very well be a factor. If you have had fertility tests performed and have found that there is no medical reason for your infertility, it is time to evaluate your life and determine how much stress you have. Of course, you may not even have a need for an evaluation. You may know you are stressed. In that case, it is time to start defeating that stress to help your fertility.

1. Reduce the Stress in your Life: This, of course, is obvious, as well as easier said than done. But reducing the stress in your life is so important on so many levels. It will not only help your fertility and health but also your quality of life. If your job is really stressful, maybe begin to find a different job or occupation. If that is not possible some of the tips below will help you to deal with your stress differently.

2. Change How You React to Stressful Situations:  When faced with an ongoing stressful situation there is only one thing you have control over; how you react. Pay attention to how you react to the stressful people at work, or to your stressful situation. Do you turn it over in your head all night long, do you create scary future visions of what could happen. Getting control of how you react will have a big impact on what happens inside of your body when a stressful situation presents itself. This takes some attention and practice.

3. Have a Practice or Habit that Helps you Reduce Stress: Here are some suggestions of practices or daily habits that help reduce the effects of stress on your health. Make sure you are getting enough sleep Get an adequate amount of healthy exercise daily Meditate Start practicing Yoga Seek counseling Consume natural, calming herbs, and supplements Acupuncture Exercise Prayer Read a book Start a journal Take warm baths Surrender and let go!! 

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