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Strike it at the right time!!!

Strike it at the right time!!!

   Trying hard to get pregnant? First, relax and have fun as it is all about the right timing. The lesser you worry, the greater are your odds of getting pregnant! A few tips to improve your chances of getting pregnant:

• Having intercourse when you are nearing ovulation increases your chances of getting pregnant. Increase the likelihood of conception by having intercourse two days prior ovulation than having it after ovulation.
• After reading the above tip, do not restrict it to a day or two before ovulation. A few urine test studies suggested that a small percentage of women who got pregnant had intercourse at some point in the six days leading to ovulation.
• As ovulation differs for each woman, and most of them may not be able to keep a track of their ovulation days, Experts also recommend sex every two or three days throughout their cycle.
• Chart your cycles by using an ovulation microscope to know your most fertile time of the month. Cervical mucus as thick as egg white indicates ovulation.
• Magnetic Resonance Imaging of couples having sex in missionary position (man on top) says is the best to increase the chances of conception as it allows deep penetration. Experts also believe lying on back after sex with hips rose with a pillow and avoiding using bathroom soon after will increase the gravity of the sperms towards the fallopian tube.

Remember to keep a tab on your diet, fitness levels and have patience while trying for a baby. Seek help from your Expert to understand the process of conception better. Be positive for a positive result.


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