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Sweet Lime and its Sweetness!

Sweet Lime and its Sweetness!

Sweet lime or musambi is one of our favorite fruits. This citrus fruit is mostly found in South East Asia. Musambi juice is very common in India and is not acidic in spite of belonging to the citrus family. Have you noticed how most of us get on a "musambi" diet when we are sick? May be there is a reason for it...

Did you know that eating one musambi about half an hour to one hour after lunch or dinner would promote healthy digestion? Apparently, the flavonoids present in musambi aids in the action of digestive juices in the stomach, which further helps in better digestion of food. Hence, musambi is one of the natural and best medicines for a person with indigestion or constipation. Sweet lime is rich in vitamin C and can be a good cure for scurvy. Scurvy is bleeding and inflammation in the gums due to the deficiency of vitamin C. It also helps to reduce the pain of arthritis for the same reason as its rich in vitamin C. Musambi is rich in potassium and also said to reduce the severity and progress of urinary tract infections. The juice helps to clear discomfort in the kidney and flush out bacteria. Sweet lime can also be eaten by a pregnant women and it's said to help the fetus for its healthy growth as its rich in calcium.

Last and the most important benefit of this fruit comes from the fact that musambi helps in purifying blood, increasing appetite and also increasing the sperm count. Make sure you have one musambi each day without fail!


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