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Swimming During Pregnancy

Swimming During Pregnancy

Do you want to try a different form of exercise which is safe for you and your developing baby?

Most types of exercises help you increase the body's ability to process and utilize oxygen which would aid in the baby's growth and development. Swimming is one such exercise. Being a low-impact activity, it exercises the large muscle groups i.e., legs and arms providing cardiovascular benefits. It also makes the expectant mother to feel weightless in spite of the recent addition of a few extra pounds.

Swimming in pregnancy has the following advantages:
• Improves circulation
• Tones muscles and strengthens them, and also builds endurance.
• Reduces the strain on your back from your expanding belly.
• Prevents you from overheating
• Supports ligaments and joints preventing injury
• Burns calories
• You feel less fatigued
• Makes you less bloated
• Promotes good sleep

If you used to swim before getting pregnant, you would find it easier to swim and may not need much modification. But, if you weren't a regular swimmer, check with your doctor before you start.


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