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Tackle Milia to Protect The Beauty Of Your Skin.

Tackle Milia to Protect The Beauty Of Your Skin.

According to dermatologists, milia are tiny white bumps, under the skin. They can occur in any age group including infants. Those occurring in infants are temporary and disappear on their own without any intervention. But, these blisters- like bumps can be permanent in adults.

Though milia are not a dangerous problem, these tiny skin protrusions can become a permanent cosmetic problem in adults.

Though the actual cause for this condition is unknown, there are a few research studies that say it could be:

• Genetic
• Due to excessive use of sunscreens
• A side effect of Radiotherapy
• Clogged sweat ducts
• Topical corticosteroid use

How to eliminate milia?
Occasional milia outbreaks can be avoided by:
• Taking frequent showers
• Supplementation with niacin and biotin
• Exfoliating the skin regularly
• Reduce the intake of oil and sugar
• Avoid heavy facial cosmetics

If you are concerned about milia spreading and affecting your facial skin, consult with your dermatologist for removal and suitable treatment.



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