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528 Take-Care-of-Your-Ears

Take Care of Your Ears

Take Care of Your Ears

Our ears not only receive sounds but also play a role in maintaining the body balance. Damage to the ear can take place anywhere - outer ear, canal or inner ear - lead to hearing impairment. Sharp objects, injury, loud noise, etc. can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss. 

Here are some ways to take care of your ears -

  • Do not rub your ear or ear canal vigorously.
  • Let the ear wax come out of the ear on its own. Don't use cotton buds.
  • Avoid clips, pencils, pins and pens to clean your ear.
  • Nothing smaller than your elbow should enter your ear canal.
  • Reduce noise pollution. Talk softly, don't honk on the roads, and avoid loud music.
  • Avoid water in your ears.
  • Ask your doctor's advice regarding warm oil treatment to clean your ear.
  • If a foreign object enters your ear, meet a doctor. Don't attempt to remove it yourself.
  • Do not neglect hearing problems or ear ache. The sooner you treat it, the better.
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