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Teach Your Child Personal Hygiene

Teach Your Child Personal Hygiene

Hygiene is important for your kids as it helps in staying clean and improves health. A child who practices good hygiene will be regular at school and will have good immunity against bad environmental factors. Parents play a major role in guiding their children's hygiene practices. It would be better if parents first follow, practice and then illustrate the same to their child. It will be easy for the children to observe and understand.

The list of hygienic practices a child has to be taught is long. Some of them may not be practically possible. But, a personal hygiene routine has to be set up.

• Brushing teeth twice a day: Brushing twice a day will keep the germs away which prevent cavities. It also makes the child feel fresh throughout the day.

• Taking bath twice a day: Evening bath for your child can help him/her sleep better. It throws away the bacteria that are carried home from school, road and other places.

• Wash hair thrice a week: This will keep their hair clean and thus prevent passing of lice.

• Brush hair the right way: Combing hair the right way gives one a presentable and neat look.

• Wash hands using soap as and when required: Washing hands at regular intervals will keep them away from germs and other micro organisms. Teach them the right way to wash hands and monitor the same for some days till it develops into a routine.

• Don't put fingers inside nose/mouth: These are the two sense organs which can transfer germs easily. Many children have this habit. Teach your children to sneeze or clean their mouth in front of a sink and wipe the same with a tissue.

• Clip and groom nails once a week: This will make sure that dirt won't sit in their nails. Nails should be cut and shaped so they don't have any sharp end. Sharp ends can hurt your children's sense organs.

• Wear clean and ironed clothes: Wearing clean clothes even during play time ensures better hygiene. It is always better to stay away from dirt and sweat when it comes to repeating clothes. Always wash the clothes and iron them before use.

• Change of dresses at right intervals: Most children don't change their uniforms after coming home and after play. The sweat and dirt carried through the day would make them fall sick with infections like cold, cough and regular fevers.

• Always use a tissue: To sneeze or clean lips, use tissue instead of a handkerchief. A tissue would be a better choice as it can be thrown after one use and hence less transfer of germs.

As said earlier, it's not easy to groom your child to perform all the above. You should first practice and prove that these will help them stay fit and healthy.


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