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Television Viewing: A New Health Risk Factor

Television Viewing: A New Health Risk Factor

A new study in the American College of Sports Medicine Journal gives evidence that sedentary time involving prolonged sitting and absence of whole-body movement - is an independent risk factor for health problems. Even though all of the people in the study were physically active for at least 30 minutes a day, long periods of inactivity still resulted in increased -

  1. Abdominal fat
  2. Systolic blood pressure
  3. Blood glucose levels
  4. Blood triglyceride levels (women only)

And decreased: Blood HDL levels (women only).

Apparently, long periods of inactivity can result in poorer health and increased risk for serious health problems even if you have a regular exercise program. Excess screen time (e.g., TV viewing or computer entertainment) can replace time normally spent in moderate activities such as household chores, gardening, playing with the kids, and other light-intensity activities. All these activities contribute to better health. If you just have to watch a favorite, lengthy movie or football game, here is a way to beat the system:

Bring your stationary bicycle or treadmill to the TV, and put in some active miles while watching. The goal is to avoid long periods of sitting, which is a health hazard.

Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.

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