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The Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy!

The Benefits of Yoga During Pregnancy!

Are you pregnant and want to keep yourself fit and healthy? Then yoga could be the one you are looking for. Yoga brings in overall well being of the mind and body, and makes you feel mentally prepared for birth. All the asanas, pranayamas, mudras etc in yoga have their own benefits and target different areas in the body. Listed below are some of the benefits of yoga:

  1. Yoga stretches and exercises gently improve your muscle tone, flexibility and stamina without straining the joints.
  2. Yoga improves blood circulation, lowers water retention and strengthens the pelvic muscles. This in turn provides relief from common ailments, such as lower back pain in the third trimester.
  3. It helps you overcome fatigue and leaves you feeling rejuvenated.
  4. Practicing yoga before and during pregnancy increases the chances of natural childbirth.
  5. Regular practice of yoga, stretches many ligaments throughout the pelvic, hip and leg areas, which eases labor pain.
  6. Yoga reduces anxiety and stress and induces sleep. It helps women adapt to new situations.
  7. It regulates blood pressure and sugar levels in the body and thus, helps in preventing the risk of getting diabetes and high blood pressure during pregnancy.
  8. If you are overweight or have a binge-eating disorder, yoga may help you make healthy lifestyle changes necessary to gain control of your eating and drop those extra pounds.

Starting yoga is no different from starting any other form of exercise. If you are not used to regular exercise then you should start them slowly under the guidance of a gynecologist and yoga instructor.

Perform yoga regularly to revel the charm of pregnancy with the baby in your womb!

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