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The Honeymoon Syndrome

The Honeymoon Syndrome

Honeymoon syndrome refers to "cystitis" experienced by women after they have had a sexual intercourse for the first time or when women indulge in sexual activity after a long period of time. It is characterized by symptoms such as burning sensation while urinating, frequent urination, and painful consecutive intercourse. Only women experience this as the female urethra is much shorter in length and can easily encounter a bladder infection leading to the buildup of E.coli in the bladder.

More than half of the woman population are known to experience this condition. However, good hygiene practices can prevent recurrence. Bacterial infections in the bladder can be prevented/treated by drinking plenty of water and other fluids. Urinating frequently and urinating after intercourse also helps in getting rid of the bacteria. When such symptoms are encountered, it is also advised to avoid coffee, citrus juices, sodas, and excessively spicy foods as these increase irritation in the intimate areas.

If the problem persists for a prolonged period of time or becomes extremely severe, visit a gynecologist. Feel free to share about what you experience and accept physical examination if recommended. An antibiotic course and skin care medication are usually prescribed for the same.

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