The Hungry versus Well-fed

  • 130 Months ago
The Hungry versus Well-fed

Food is a basic human need and we cannot survive for long without it. While thousands of less fortunate humans are asking for food, thousands of the more fortunate ones are throwing away the excesses on their plates.
 A caterer who caters food to about 600 employees of a company says that on an average, about 60kgs of plate waste is sent to a piggery every day.
 When most of us think of hunger, we think of famine the sudden shortages of food due to war or natural disaster. Famine is only the tip of the iceberg; less than 10 percent of hunger deaths are due to famine. The much larger issue is chronic, persistent killer that takes the lives of 24000 people everyday worldwide.
 It is estimated that about 840 million people live in the condition of chronic, persistent hunger, vast majority of them in South Africa.

How you can help:
 • Don't waste food. It's a sin to waste food when others do not have enough to eat
 • Serve on your plate slightly less quantity than what you can eat. If needed go for a second helping.
 • In offices, increase employee awareness of local hunger
 • Donate excess prepared and processed food from the employee cafeteria or from special events, to local orphanages or poor homes
 • Form a food bank to collect dry grains and make a monthly or weekly donation to the needy
 • Avoid elaborate menus in weddings. After all human gastric capacity is limited
 • Arrange for knowledgeable speakers to increase community awareness of hunger and poverty problems, and what people are doing to address them.
 • Organise essay, oratorical or art contests for school children to focus on a child's view of hunger and its consequences
 • Teach children how not to waste food
 Consider your self lucky to be able to choose and buy different varieties of food. Next time you want to throw away food, picture a hungry face.