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The Perfect Exercise Regimen

The Perfect Exercise Regimen

Exercise should be an important part of our daily routine. Exercise has many health benefits like it helps in losing weight; keeps the mind fresh and helps in better sleep etc. Some of them don't have the time to go to the gym or do yoga due to their hectic routine.

Here is an exercise plan for them, you can follow this and stay fit and healthy:

1. Cardio exercises:

a. Skipping 20 -30 counts
b. Run in the same place for 5 - 10 minutes.

2. Floor exercises:

a. Bicycle crunch: Lie down with your back pressed onto the floor. Bring your hands behind your head. Starting with your legs bent at a 45-degree angle, bring the right knee close to the chest while straightening out your left leg. At the same time, rotate your top half so your left elbow goes to your right knee, then switch to the other side. Repeat for one minute, three times a day.

b. The boat: Sit on the floor, with your knees bent and feet flat and tilt back, extending your legs so your body forms a right angle. Pull your abs in to balance. Extend your arms at shoulder height past your knees. Hold for five slow breaths and return to your starting position. Repeat five times a day.

3. Simple yoga:

a. Practice surya namaskaras 5 - 10 times a day.

b. Paschimottanasana (seated forward bend): Sit on the floor, keep your spine erect, and stretch your legs out to your front. Your feet should point to the ceiling. Stretch your hands above your head, without bending your elbows. Now, bend your head till the elbow. Practice this for 5-10 times a day.

4. Simple squats:

a. 30 seconds of simple squats

b. 30 seconds of jump squats

5. Sleep on the mat for 10 minutes to relax.

Practice these exercises 4-5 days in a week. Make sure its regular for best results.


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