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The Pros and Cons of a C-section Delivery!

The Pros and Cons of a C-section Delivery!

   Are you scheduled for a C-section because of medical or elective reasons? Read through to know the pros and cons of a cesarean delivery.

• A few women opt for a C-section as it involves lesser physical stress as the baby is born out of a surgery.
• The vagina remains fairly tight as there are no cuts unlike in a normal delivery.
• Expectant mothers opt for a C-section to avoid pain and embarrassment caused due to the damage of the pelvic floor during vacuum suction or forceps usage or tissue damage due to episiotomy in a normal delivery.
• Babies through a C-section are believed to have better skin tone compared to babies from a normal delivery. C-section is also known to reduce the risk of fetal injury and stress.

• C-section is a surgery and could carry risks.
• The new mother could experience prolonged vaginal bleeding and double the blood loss when compared to normal delivery.
• The risk of uterine infection is high in a C-section.
• The recovery time after a C-section is high and the new-mum could also experience lack of abdominal strength, blood vessel damage or complications in the kidney or bladder.

C-section is like a coin with two sides. Prepare yourself for the best and look forward to the arrival of the new one. That just makes the birth process easy...

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