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Throat Cancer

Throat Cancer

This refers to cancerous tumors that develop in the throat, larynx, or tonsils. The throat is a muscular tube that begins behind the nose and ends in the neck. The voice box sits right below the throat and is also vulnerable to being affected by throat cancer.

Throat cancer usually occurs when the cells in one's throat develops genetic mutations which causes cells to grow uncontrollably and continue living even after the healthy cells would normally die.

There are different types of throat cancers although most throat cancers involve the same types of cells.  The cause behind the uncontrollable mutation is unclear, but doctors have identified factors that may increase one's risk of throat cancer. 

The factors that can increase one's risk of throat cancer include:

• Smoking, chewing tobacco

• Excessive alcohol use

• Diet lacking in fruits and vegetables 

• A virus called Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

The symptoms of throat cancer include:

• Changes in voice such as hoarseness

• Cough

• Trouble swallowing

• Ear pain

• A lump or sore in one's throat that doesn't heal

• A sore throat

• Weight loss

You can reduce your risk of throat cancer by the following ways:

• Stop smoking by getting professional help 

• Choose a healthy diet containing fruits and vegetables

• Drink alcohol in moderation

• Protect yourself from HPV by limiting your number of sexual partners as well as using a condom


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