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Tips To Get Rid Of Double Chin

Tips To Get Rid Of Double Chin

Double Chin refers to the extra layer of fat under your chin. It is usually common for overweight men and women. Double chin obviously does not look good on anyone and indicates the sluggish life you are leading. Therefore, here are some remedies which you can imbibe to get rid of that extra flab.

1. Aim to attain your ideal body weight, if you are overweight.

2. Avoid using high pillows or a pile of pillows while sleeping.

3. Slap on cold water below the chin several times.

4. Chew some sugarfree gum as it helps to exercise the facial and jaw muscles.

5. Sit erect, raise and extend your arms behind your head. Your elbows must be folded with fingers entwined. Bend head backwards as far as you can, resisting your arms.

6. Holding your head erect, walk down with a book balanced on your head. This balancing act is an effective exercise for double chin too.

7. Apply olive oil or any vegetable oil under the chin and along the throat. Start with strokes from the base of the throat and move to the jaw line. Tap with light pressure on the double chin and then stroke it for some time. Keep alternating.

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