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Tips To Select the Right Hair Brush

Tips To Select the Right Hair Brush

A vital step towards having beautiful hair is the purchase of a good hair brush. You require two genuine natural-bristle brushes, a half-nylon, half-natural bristle brush, two wide-toothed combs, a rubber scalp massager, a pair of sharp scissors, and at least three towels.

A few guidelines for selecting your hair-care accessories:

1. While selecting combs, pick ones without rough edges.

2. Avoid usage of nylon bristle brushes.

3. A semi-radial brush is good for dry hair.

4. A flat, paddle-shape or radial brush is suitable for combination and greasy hair.

5. A full radial brush is good for normal hair.

6. Thick hair calls for half-nylon and half-natural bristle brush.

7. Thin hair requires a natural bristle brush.

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