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418 Tips-for-Mothers

Tips for Mothers

Tips for Mothers

For all you mothers......

You are the centre of care,
About yourself you think very rare.

• Take the kids to the park.
When they play, go for a walk.
• Extra food can go waste,
but do not finish it, It will show on your waist.
• For everyone, you cook and serve breakfast,
ending up busy, you end up skipping it or fasting.

What you need to remember....

• Don't nibble or taste food in excess during cooking.
• Eat fruits along with the kids, they would enjoy it too.
• When kids are off to school and you are alone, don't eat while watching television.
• Keep healthy snack options to munch when you feel bored.
• Eat meals with family and maintain meal timings.

Some myths:

Myth: Young women believe that breastfeeding will ruin the shape of their breasts/body.
Fact: Breastfeeding helps you burn 500 extra calories a day. It helps the womb return to normal and does not affect the shape of breasts in the long term.

Myth: If a mother goes back to work too soon after delivery, her baby will not bond with her adequately.
Truth: The mother/child bond is forged by the quality time together, not quantity. A working mother has to learn to ration her time and balance her responsibilities, but as long as a child receives love and attention from the mother when she is around, bonding will take place.


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