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Tips to make your Tiffin fun and filling

Tips to make your Tiffin fun and filling

It's Monday morning and, like all the employees and students across the land, you're ransacking your fridge to take something interesting for lunch. But, unfortunately, you end up carrying the same old, predictable and boring lunch every day. Not anymore! With just a little bit of planning and innovation, you can treat yourself to a fun filled, nutritious lunch every single day.

Here is what you can do:

Choose a variety of foods: Include at least three of these food groups: Cereals, Protein, dairy, fruits and vegetables.
Add colors to your dish: Instead of making plain rice, add some colorful vegetables like bell peppers, carrots and/or greens to make it more appealing and nutritious.
Go for healthy alternatives: As much as possible, avoid processed, salty and fatty foods. For example: It is a good idea to carry an orange, instead of packaged orange juice.
Spices and Herbs will do the magic: Bored of the same predictable recipes? Spice things up. Make the same recipe using different spices and pamper your taste buds with a brand new flavor.
Make healthy lunch items with leftovers: Last night's chicken can be cut into chunks andmixed with your rice and fresh veggies to make a quick satisfying healthy lunch.
Pair your foods: If you're bored of having plain salads and fruits, try pairing them up with healthy yoghurt, dips, low fat cream cheese etc.

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