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To Feel Happier, Exercise

To Feel Happier, Exercise

Exercise strengthens your body, heart, and lungs. It also boosts your mood.

Researchers discovered that exercise improved mood immediately after exercise and that the positive effect remained for up to 12 hours.

Even if you aren't used to exercise, when you start there are immediate benefits to your mood and how you feel.
The amount of exercise needed to get a mental health boost is fairly easy. Just 20-30 minutes of moderate activities (e.g., walking, gardening, biking, and social dancing) is adequate to help people feel better, when done regularly.

If you want to feel happy and energetic, get at least 20-30 minutes of regular physical activity every day. It's good for your body and your mind.

Ideas to increase levels of exercise -

• Use the stairs instead of the elevators.
• Walk to the shops instead of driving and carry the shopping bags home to give your arms a good workout.
• Find a friend to exercise with. This increases your motivation and ensures that you get there and on time.
• Join an exercise class, one in which you feel comfortable and that fits into your week.

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