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Top tips before buying a fish

Top tips before buying a fish

Knowing how to choose fresh fish or seafood is a vital skill. This can prevent you from buying a stale fish which in turn can cause some major stomach upsets.

Tip 1: Appearance:
The skin of a freshly caught fish is bright and colourful as it displays similar markings to when it was alive. The more time that passes, the more the colour fades.

Tip 2: Smell:
A fresh fish should smell like clean water or like cucumbers. Under no circumstances should you buy a nasty smelling fish. Cooking will not improve it.

Tip 3: The eyes:
The eyes are the window to a truly fresh fish, for they fade quickly into grey dullness. Dull-eyed fish may be safe to eat, but they are past their prime.

Tip 4: Touch:
The texture of the skin should under no circumstances be slimy. It should be moist as fresh fish still contains a lot of water. When you touch the flesh of the fish it should feel firm and the impression should bounce back.

Tip 5: The seller:
Always buy fish from a reputed or a trustworthy seller.

The absolute bottom line is that a fish shop should not stink. Fantastic fish can be had at a farmer's market stall, a hole in the wall or in a flashy boutique, but none should smell.

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