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1476 Toxic-Troubles

Toxic Troubles

Toxic Troubles

Punjab has been in the news for the high levels of soil contamination.The only way to fight toxins is to increase nutrient intake.

Countering Toxins

  • Take a multivitamin pill every day. Even if you're healthy.
  • Take an anti-oxidant supplement daily and drink green tea.
  • Increase your doses of vitamin C, zinc, selenium and calcium if you feel you are consuming some amount of toxins (see: Common Toxins).
  • Remove outer leaves of vegetables and thoroughly wash all fresh produce in vinegar solution (a teaspoon of vinegar in a bowl of water).
  • Avoid aluminium and copper utensils.
  • Switch to mineral or bottled water.
  • Eat mineral-rich foods like nuts and seeds.
  • Don't wrap food in aluminium foil.
  • Cut down on alcohol, it increases lead and cadmium absorption.
  • Avoid antacids, they contain aluminium salts.
  • Avoid processed foods and carbonated drinks

Reproduced from Outlook Business's Wellness Column by Rachna Chhachhi

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