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Travel During Your Pregnancy

Travel During Your Pregnancy

Taking a holiday when you are pregnant is a great idea, especially if this is your first baby. It's likely to be a while before you will get another chance to take a break and really relax. But there are things you need to consider before you go, particularly if you are planning to fly or take a long distance train.

Here are a few tips:

1.Your eating schedule may be disrupted on the road or on a plane; it's a good idea to pack your carry-on bag with plenty of portable snacks. Smart choices include nuts, dried fruit, and crackers with low-fat cheese.

2.If you're having trouble eating full meals, or you're finding certain foods or smells uninviting, try eating five or six small meals a day. They may go down easier than three big ones. Frequent, light eating will reduce your chances of heartburn as well. If you're flying, preorder any special meal, such as a fruit plate or a sandwich or anything that will satisfy your dietary requirement or craving.

3.Carry bottled water and drink it regularly, especially on long flights. It's absolutely vital to avoid getting dehydrated.

4.Arrange everything you can in advance so that you don't get stressed, including your seat alignment on an airplane. An aisle seat works best for frequent trips to the bathroom, any special-order meals, and accommodations at your destination.

5.Even when the facilities are less than luxurious, it's best to play it safe and go with whatever toilet is available. When planning your car trip, accomodate plenty of time for frequent bathroom breaks.

6.It is helpful to pack emergency toilet paper. Buy mini packets of facial tissues, sanitary wipes, and antibacterial hand sanitizer.

7.Sitting anywhere for long periods of time can make your feet and ankles swell and your legs cramp. When you're driving, take breaks at least every 90 minutes to stretch and walk around. Elevate your legs by resting your feet on your carry-on luggage under the seat in front of you. Wear comfortable footwear with expandable elastic panels, laces, or adjustable straps.

8.Carry medications for conditions such as nausea, vomiting, fever and tiredness. Simple infections that cause diarrhea, nausea or vomiting can quickly dehydrate a pregnant woman.

9.To discourage infections, wear lightweight, loose-fitting, breathable clothing, including cotton underwear.

Traveling while pregnant doesn't have to be a hassle. Talk to your physician before making reservations.


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