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Twins! A Quick Guide To Manage Them

Twins! A Quick Guide To Manage Them

Every child is a challenge, in their own way. When you are expecting twins, you need to have a battle plan. Time is at a premium once your twins arrive, so do as much as possible before they arrive.

  1. Stock up your needs - Stock up on the essentials like diapers, wipes, bottles, beddings, clothes, formulas etc.
  2. Keep A Checklist - Build up an organized system to keep things in order and ensure that both kids get what they need. Keep a note or make a chart to keep track of the feeding times, amounts, diaper changes, medications and other important information.
  3. Feeding - If you are feeding, try feeding both babies at the same time. This could save time and give you some valuable extra rest.
  4. Adjust Sleep Timings With the Babies - Sleep when your babies sleep. It can be tempting to use the precious quiet time to get other things accomplished, but you have to remember that sleep is a precious commodity.
  5. Connect with other families - Meeting other parents of twins can be extremely reassuring and rewarding. You will find that it is not only possible to manage twins, but also get tips and techniques for accomplishing the tasks.
  6. Prioritize - Focus on the new additions to your family. Ones you get to know your baby's schedule, you can probably begin with other priorities.
  7. Accept Help- People around you like twins. If they are ready to offer help, do not deny. It can save your time and energy.
  8. Take time out- Physical exhaustion often translates into emotional stress. New mums feel exhausted, but children's demands are on-going. This can result in depression and irritability.Try to hand over the responsibility to your family people or friend, so that you and your spouse can have some quality time.

Remember that however difficult it might get, things are only temporary. As babies grow, they sleep more and eat less often.

Enjoy the special and subtle moments of nurturing your infants, this can bring in great bondage!


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