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Unable to have a baby? Know why....

Unable to have a baby? Know why....

Tried for more than a year to have a baby and not succeeded? If you fear it is infertility, first of all, you and your partner need to find out if you have any of the below mentioned infertility related factors...

Irregular Menstrual Cycles: It is the most evident sign of female infertility. In such cases, it becomes very difficult to predict the ovulation days. You can try charting your periods for two cycles using an ovulation calculator or ovulation calendar.

Vaginal Dryness: If there is persistent vaginal dryness, it is difficult for the sperms to reach the egg. Using lubricants to treat vaginal dryness can create an unfavorable condition for survival of the sperms.

Female Infertility Signs: Polycystic ovarian disease, fibroids and pelvic inflammatory diseases associated with the female reproductive system can all make conception difficult. Certain medical conditions like a blocked fallopian tube, tilted uterus and abnormal vaginal discharge add on to the complications of not being able to have a baby.

Male Infertility Factors: A man with cystic fibrosis, low sperm count, erectile dysfunction or an undescended testicle may not be able to conceive. A man, whose testicles are exposed to extreme heat or traumatic situations, may not be able to have a baby.

Other Factors: As age increases, fertility decreases. Women over 32 years of age usually find it difficult to conceive. The sperm health of men over 40 years of age would not be as good as it should be for having babies. A person with diabetes, thyroid problems or persons who have undergone chemotherapy or radiation therapy may have difficulty in having a child. Obesity is also connected with infertility. Certain lifestyle changes like drug abuse, excessive alcohol intake, smoking and tobacco can further reduce the chances of having a baby.

Once you diagnose the cause, it is always better to seek medical help to overcome the problem. This will to a great extent help you tackle the issue and also reduce the stress associated with infertility.



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