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1510 Understand-the-Pursuit-of-Happiness

Understand the Pursuit of Happiness

Understand the Pursuit of Happiness

Are you looking for ways to be happier? A few tips to improve your emotional quotient and happiness...

  • A popular myth is that people are hardwired to be happy or not. Events of life can definitely make you happy!So do not believe in Myths.
  • Negative emotions are not more powerful than positive emotions. Negative emotions might edge out positive emotions, but positive emotions win over as they strengthen your expectations and confidence.
  • Happiness is not dependent on a highincome ! Expressing optimism, being kind to people, savoring joyous muments and forgiving people can improve your happiness. Try it out...
  • Research says, people above 50 are the happiest. You can still strive to reach there without turning old...control anger and relieve stress to improve your wisdom and intelligence quotient.
  • Staying happy also peps up your overall health as many feel good chemicals like serotonins, endorphins, and oxytocin come into play!
  • Music therapy can improve your physical and emotional wellness. Music therapy also controls your heart rate, blood pressure and also improves your ability to think, learn, reason and remember. Click here for music for pleasure.
  • Suppressing sadness is not a key to happiness. Suppressing emotions makes you more depressed and anxious.
  • Laugh out loud! Laughing boosts blood flow and also immunity.

Be happy; it is one way of being wise. Try the above tips... happiness is within your reach...

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