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Understanding Sex Life for New Dads

Understanding Sex Life for New Dads

When to begin sex life?

Gynecologists usually advise you to wait for six weeks after the baby is born. During child birth, the cervix and the uterus undergo evidentiary changes. So it may take longer time for wound healing.If your partner is recovering from a vaginal tear or episiotomy, intercourse may add up infection and further delay the process of healing. So it is better you wait a little longer till she recovers. Generally after the first postpartum exam (usually six weeks after delivery) your partner can find out if she has the green signal for having intercourse. It is very important for you to understand that intimacy cannot be ruled out just because you cannot have intercourse. We all know that affection is the true glue. You can still give quality time to your partner by doing these things: eat together, go for a walk, help her in the kitchen chores and stay physically connected to each other through hugs, kisses or just holding hands.

Know about birth control

It is always wise to check with your mate's gynecologist for contraception choices at her first postpartum check because it is impossible to predict how early she can reach her fertile period. This will prepare you to make a decision on what the right precautions for both of you are.

Build emotional intimacy

Even if your partner's been given a green signal by her gynecologist that she can go ahead with her sex life again, there might be a huge gap between physical and emotional readiness for sex. She may need some more space and time to recover from the pain and exhaustion of labor. Your role: Give her lots of care, importance, love and no pressure. A few well placed compliments will make her feel good.

As your partner has to adjust to a whole new role, her body demands a lot of energy and this may not allow her to give enough time for the physical sense of love. But this doesn't mean that the care and love for you is less. In fact, many new parents enjoy this period and find it more romantic!


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