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Unplanned Pregnancies - How to deal with it

Unplanned Pregnancies - How to deal with it

Unplanned pregnancy is not the issue which is faced by unmarried couples only. Lots of married couples also come across the issue of unplanned pregnancy. Women or couples coping with unplanned pregnancies have to deal with lot of stress, depression and tension.
Unplanned pregnancies are not only associated with unmarried couples, but even married couples get worried if they do not have plans to bear the child at present. However, it is a matter of deep concern when you are unmarried and you miss a period as also your urine test turns positive. You get confused, worried and feel like you wont be able to get through it. This is natural, but not the solution.

Do not go in for any hasty decision or come to any kind of conclusion. Pregnancy is otherwise a time to celebrate but if you have unplanned pregnancy, you need time to overcome the stress and tension. There are lots of feelings that come and go and the two that persist are anger and guilt. Things look bigger than you can handle at this tender age. Here are few tips that can help you handle the situation properly.

Do not Panic
Although the situation is serious and you feel like crying because of the anger and guilt prevailing within you, it is not time to panic. You might be going through shame, fear and ignorance too. Do not feel cheated due to circumstances or hate yourself or your relationship.

Accept Yourself and the Situation
It is very important that you first of all forgive yourself for what happened. Just keep in mind that there is no harm going to happen to your spiritual help even if you have gone through certain sexual ignorance.

Do not Blame Yourself
Try to resolve this issue with the help of your mind and not your heart. It is easier said than done. But this is the only way in which you can handle the situation properly. Remember, the feelings of shame, guilt, hatred and anger will not go away easily. But you will have to stop dwelling and let go the guilt. Move on and take decision only when you are open to some change in your life.

Take the Responsibility
Once you are able to overcome the feeling of guilt, you need to take the responsibility of what is the situation right now. Stop thinking about the past and anything related to it. Take a deep breath and decide with self confidence to take any big step.

Learn From the Situation
Think about the problem as a learning step for you. This will save you from getting trapped into any such situation in future.

Take Refuge to Meditation
Meditate deep before you take any decision. Do not take any overwhelming decision of which you might have to regret afterwards. Weigh up the pros and cons of your decision and share with only trusted person.

Take the Decision on your Own
It is important that you take the decision about what you wish to do with this pregnancy on your own. However, you can take advice of an expert, counselor or doctor. You may also discuss this issue with your partner. You can consider financial issues, social issues, physical issues and psychological issues while taking final decision. This will help you to prepare yourself to face the situation.

With the help of these tips you will be able to handle the situation properly and take decision sensibly. Even if it is unplanned pregnancy, this does not mean that this is the end of your life. There are many situations in life when we have to face emergencies and this is one of them. You have to handle it prudently and take a decision that is good and right for you and your life.


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